Equipment Operator

Village of Middleville
Middleville MI

The Village Public Works Department is seeking to expand its team! We are looking for a qualified applicant to fill the position of DPW Equipment Operator. Specific areas of duty include maintaining water and wastewater systems, streets, sidewalks, parks, equipment, refuse, and other areas as assigned.

A high school diploma or GED equivalent is required. Minimum qualifications include a CDL or ability to obtain the license within ninety days of hire, one to two years of experience in a maintenance environment, knowledge of standard construction practices, a solid mechanical aptitude, and a clean driving record. The position requires residence within a thirty-minute recall time, and it pays $22.91-$23.41 per hour –depending on qualifications. The selected candidate must pass a pre-employment physical, including a drug screen. The position will be open until filled.

The holder of this position is directly supervised by the DPW Director and/or the Assistant DPW Director.  Job performance is to be formally evaluated at least once each year by the DPW Director.

 Specific Duties

·         Water System Duties:

  • Maintain all water system infrastructures
  • Set and monitor water tower, well, pump, and meter controls.
  • Add beneficial chemicals into the water system as needed.
  • Sample and test Village water as required by various regulatory agencies.
  • Repair significant water main leaks.
  • Install and maintain fire hydrants.
  • Read and record quarterly flow data from all Village water meters as requested by the DPW Director and then promptly forward all meter reading data in a legible and orderly form to the DPW Director.
  • Turn-off and turn-on water service to specific addresses served by the Village water system as directed by the DPW Director.

   Wastewater Systems Duties:

  • Maintain all sanitary and storm sewer systems infrastructures
  • Set and monitor lift station control.
  • Repair significant sanitary and storm sewer main leaks.

   Street Duties:

  • Remove snow from Village streets and apply salt and sand to Village streets.
  • Grade and fill Village dirt and gravel roads.
  • Repair potholes.
  • Install or replace Village signs in Village right-of-ways.
  • Trim trees along Village right-of-ways to ensure clear driver sightlines.
  • Clean streets and gutters.

   Sidewalk Duties:

  • Remove snow and apply salt and sand on sidewalks abutting Village property and bridges as needed for safe pedestrian use and elsewhere.
  • Repair and replace sidewalks segments as needed.

   Park Duties:

  • Maintain parks and park facilities in a clean, safe and secure manner.
  • Repair, maintain, replace, remove or add park fixtures and playing surfaces.
  • Seed, fertilizer, sod, mow and maintain park lawns and other Village-owned lawns.
  • Trim park trees and remove fallen leaves and branches as necessary.

   DPW and Motor Pool Duties:

  • Maintain Village vehicles, machinery, tools and other equipment, as written in the maintenance schedule.
  • Keep all DPW vehicles and equipment clean.
  • Keep DPW work areas clean and safe.
  • Perform all regularly scheduled maintenance, as written in the maintenance schedule.

   Refuse Collection Duties:

  • Collect and compost yard waste (i.e., grass, leaves, small branches) as scheduled.
  • Collect and chip branches and tree trimmings as scheduled.
  • Weekly, remove trash from Village offices, other Village workplaces and dumpsters.
  • Remove all approved waste items (those authorized by Village Manager) from residential curbsides during periodic resident clean-up campaigns.

  Other Duties:

  • Be prepared to operate all Village vehicles and other equipment needed to implement various construction, replacement, or maintenance projects.
  • Advise the Village Manager and police of all illegal or otherwise inappropriate obstructions of public right-of-ways, ordinance violations or other public nuisances observed in the Village.
  • Attend Village Council Meetings or Village Council Committee Meetings as directed by the Director or the Village Manager.
  • Attend classes and seminars as appropriate to keep training, licenses, and certifications current with the Village Manager's approval.
  • Adhere to a written on-call schedule covering all full-time DPW staff in responding to emergencies and other immediate needs of the Village that may occur during other than regular DPW business hours.
  • Respond diplomatically and tactfully to complaints and inquiries about DPW and public works issues from the general public.
  • Complete other duties and special projects assigned by the DPW Director or the Assistant DPW Director.